Oh god I remember I had this. Welp. Hm.


Because the last one went over well, here’s another one for y’all.

One lucky winner will get A COMPLETED SET of ridiculously adorable Avengers charms. That’s 15 charms which include Black Widow, Captain America, Agent Phil Coulson, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Loki as well Director Fury, a civilian Steve Rogers, civilian Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Bruce Banner, Peggy Carter and Bucky and Steve!

Better pictures as well as the actual charms for purchase are available here: click

Exciting stuff!

Here are the Rules:

  • Likes do not count this time!
  • Reblog once per day only
  • You do not have to be following either of my blogs to win
  • No giveaway blogs please or unactive blogs, that’s unfair, I will be checking
  • Winner will be chosen via random number generator
  • And it can’t be me, that’s silly

Giveaway ends August 5th! Please have your ask box open by then so I can contact you.

Best of luck!

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    I’m obviously way too late for this, but they are just so freaking cute. I wish I had them…
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